USACO Section 1.4.3 The Clocks

此页面通过工具从 csdn 导出,格式可能有问题。 题目 The Clocks IOI'94 - Day 2 Consider nine clocks arranged in a 3x3 array thusly: |-------| |-------| |-------| | | | | | | | |---O | |---O | | O | | | | | | | |-------| |-------| |-------| A B C |——-| |——-| |——-| |

USACO Section 1.3.6 Prime Cryptarithm

此页面通过工具从 csdn 导出,格式可能有问题。 题目 Prime Cryptarithm The following cryptarithm is a multiplication problem that can be solved by substituting digits from a specified set of N digits into the positions marked with *. If the set of prime digits {2,3,5,7} is selected, the cryptarithm is called a PRIME CRYPTARITHM. * * *

USACO Section 1.3.5 Calf Flac

此页面通过工具从 csdn 导出,格式可能有问题。 题目 Calf Flac It is said that if you give an infinite number of cows an infinite number of heavy-duty laptops (with very large keys), that they will ultimately produce all the world's great palindromes. Your job will be to detect these bovine beauties. Ignore punctuation, whitespace, numbers, and

USACO Section 1.3.3 Barn Repair

此页面通过工具从 csdn 导出,格式可能有问题。 题目 Barn Repair It was a dark and stormy night that ripped the roof and gates off the stalls that hold Farmer John's cows. Happily, many of the cows were on vacation, so the barn was not completely full. The cows spend the night in stalls that are arranged

USACO Section 1.3.2 Mixing Milk

此页面通过工具从 csdn 导出,格式可能有问题。 题目 Mixing Milk Since milk packaging is such a low margin business, it is important to keep the price of the raw product (milk) as low as possible. Help Merry Milk Makers get the milk they need in the cheapest possible manner. The Merry Milk Makers company has several

USACO Section 1.2.5 Palindromic Squares

此页面通过工具从 csdn 导出,格式可能有问题。 题目 Palindromic Squares Rob Kolstad Palindromes are numbers that read the same forwards as backwards. The number 12321 is a typical palindrome. Given a number base B (2 <= B <= 20 base 10), print all the integers N (1 <= N <= 300 base 10) such that the

USACO Section 1.2.3 Transformations

此页面通过工具从 csdn 导出,格式可能有问题。 题目 Transformations A square pattern of size N x N (1 <= N <= 10) black and white square tiles is transformed into another square pattern. Write a program that will recognize the minimum transformation that has been applied to the original pattern given the following list of possible

USACO Section 1.2.4 Name That Number

此页面通过工具从 csdn 导出,格式可能有问题。 题目 Name That Number Among the large Wisconsin cattle ranchers, it is customary to brand cows with serial numbers to please the Accounting Department. The cow hands don't appreciate the advantage of this filing system, though, and wish to call the members of their herd by a pleasing name

USACO Section 1.2.2 Milking Cows

此页面通过工具从 csdn 导出,格式可能有问题。 题目 Milking Cows Three farmers rise at 5 am each morning and head for the barn to milk three cows. The first farmer begins milking his cow at time 300 (measured in seconds after 5 am) and ends at time 1000. The second farmer begins at time 700 and

USACO Section 1.1.7 Broken Necklace

此页面通过工具从 csdn 导出,格式可能有问题。 题目 (由于USACO在外部无法直接访问题库,所以把题目贴上,可以通过上面的目录跳过) Broken Necklace You have a necklace of N